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Here at your magical maids we like to give you the best cleaning service possible. We know that you lead a busy life and that is why we want to take care of the cleaning process so that you may have time to enjoy all the blessings of life.

Our service is tailored to your particular needs and we customize every service according to the need of the household. We’ll go through everything with you and draw up cleaning plan according to your needs which can be changed when required.


The idea behind you magical maids was to provide american home-owners with a cleaning service that was not only that fit their particular budget but also a cleaning service they could trust. We fully understand the problems of modern day households and our vision is to provide an affordable solutions to your messy homes. Our purpose has always has been and always will be to make your lives easier and to help you be productive in your lives without having to worry to clean all the time.


American workers are the most productive in the entire world and on top of your profession we understand that you have other things to worry about such as your children and your family and all of their needs. Our mission is to help the american workforce give their best at work and their families. We will take care of all your cleaning needs so that you may live you lives without having to worry about mind-less work and help you achieve the best that we know you can be.

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Mr. Saad Bawazir

Mr. Saad Bawazir was a working man and he realize that because of his busy schedule his house cleanliness  was suffering  so, he decided to do something about it. He open “Your Magical Maids” so, that countless Americans could go to work without having to worry about cleaning their house.